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36 years+ Experience

Saraswoti Kunj has been maintaining its role as an academic select-entry school since 1982 AD. Over the period of 36 years, our students and staffs work collaboratively to develop transnational awareness, empathy as well as creative and critical thinking skills to prepare for an unknown future.

Psychological Counselling System

Psychological Counsellor, Ms. Srijana Sthapit identifies students' individual developmental and educational needs, psychological and physical abilities, and environmental factors which have impact on their functioning industry.

Additional Care to Weak Students

We believe that every student possess individual treats. However, if any student is diagnosed as weak by our collaborative team members of the faculty, the student will be provided with extra care and attention. He/She may require different learning methods which will be provided by SK.

Earthquake Resistant Building

Our building is designed and built in such a way that it can withstand seismic waves to certain extent. We have emphasized on our buildings to be earthquake resistant due to the fact that Nepal is a country which is prone to earthquakes. The utmost priority is given to the safety of the students. In addition, the students are taught the proper way to act and vacate the building in case of emergencies.

Ample Focus on ECA

SK focuses on extra curricular activities due to various reasons. The very first reason being the universally accepted fact that knowledge can also be gained outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school.There are plenty of other activities through which we can learn as well as shape our inner talent. Second reason being that ECA helps to keep the students fit as well as passionate about their inner interests. And so on.

Computer Class from Class I

In this modern era of digitization, computer education in school plays significant role in students' career development. Computer with the internet is the most powerful device that students can use to learn new skills and more advanced version of current lessons. New tech tools get launched day by day which helps students to learn better. In order to let our students pick up their pace with the ever advancing technology, SK provides computer classes from the very 1st grade.


From our Well Wishers
SK is about opportunities

To me, SK is about opportunities. Opportunities to do the things we love, opportunities to discover who you are, and opportunities to meet a bunch of really, really amazing people.

Student 1
Ideas don't just remain as ideas

What's great about Saraswoti Kunj is that, ideas don't just remain as ideas. Students have the autonomy to create new initiatives that can really impact the school. Saraswoti Kunj is a place where ideas can really come alive and make a difference.

Student 2
SK is magical

To me, SK is magical. Anything can happen and everything does happen. It has created an amazing experience that I never expected or imagined, and I don't regret it at all.

Student 3
I got to know and get along

Being in SK turned out to be an advantage. I got to know and get along with boys, rich and poor, of various races and cultures.

Student 4

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