From the Parents

SK is about opportunities

To me, SK is about opportunities. Opportunities to do the things we love, opportunities to discover who you are, and opportunities to meet a bunch of really, really amazing people.

Student 1, Parent
Ideas don't just remain as ideas

What's great about Saraswoti Kunj is that, ideas don't just remain as ideas. Students have the autonomy to create new initiatives that can really impact the school. Saraswoti Kunj is a place where ideas can really come alive and make a difference.

Student 2, Parent
SK is magical

To me, SK is magical. Anything can happen and everything does happen. It has created an amazing experience that I never expected or imagined, and I don't regret it at all.

Student 3, Parent
I got to know and get along

Being in SK turned out to be an advantage. I got to know and get along with boys, rich and poor, of various races and cultures.

Student 4, Parent
Everyone is dedicated

My favourite thing about SK is how dedicated every person at school is. No matter if they love science, painting or basketball, the students pour their hearts into it.

Student 5, Parent
Great teachers

The teachers at SK are very supportive. They really get to know us and are always ready to help, which makes such a difference. Our teachers make each of us feel, we are gifted - just packaged differently.

Student 6, Parent
Thrilled to take on a broader role

I am thrilled to take on a broader role which is the students' lives, helping to build a culture of support and excellence.

Teacher 1, Parent
Saraswoti Kunj is never dull

Saraswoti Kunj is never dull, usually enormous fun and always rewarding. In addition, at Saraswoti Kunj, I have found a school with vision aligned to my own.

Teacher 2, Parent
One goal

One of the highlights of my year is the SK challenge and the way it brings all ages and students and staffs together to reach one goal.

Teacher 3, Parent
Teaching is full of moments of awe and wonder

Teaching is full of moments of awe and wonder and the job is so varied and diverse, from walking up a mountain with the whole school, listening to and judging debates, to finding yourself amid of the tensed and sincere environment of a study group. And of another job that affords so may opportunities to engage in your passions and share them with others.

Teacher 4, Parent
Inquiry based learning

At SK, we believe in inquiry based learning. Students are challenged to go beyond the accumulation of factual knowledge and to address greater questions that frame our world.

Teacher 5, Parent

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